Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Smalls SAL April - Book cover

 Hello everyone, Today is check in day for the Smalls SAL hosted by Heather at Stitching Lotus,    I decided to stitch a small notebook cover for a young music loving student.

The design  is part of a drawing from my grandad's sketch book of around 1920 and he called it `A Little Waltz´.

Halfway though the sewing up, I realised that the fabric I had chosen for the backing wasn´t exactly the best choice for a young person, as it looks dull and sad, so I will probably end up making another cover in prettier colours.

I used tiny black beads for the dancers´ heads.

and lined the book cover with another red fabric from my stash and added a piece of lace and  also a red cord and a couple of beads as a page marker.

To find out more about the Smalls SAL, click on the image on my sidebar.  Until next week.

Linking to Supermom no cape stitchery party.



  1. How creative! Wonderful idea and beautiful finishing!

  2. That is so fabulous! The idea, the drawing, the execution... every last bit of it! I think the colors are perfect for anyone, but it's such a great design, it would be worth stitching and finishing multiple times!

  3. What a treasure, Sheryl! As soon as I saw the thumbprint in my blog reader, I saw the leger lines right away, but couldn't tell the rest. But how very wonderful it is! The clever little stick dancers and violinists, the beautiful colours you chose and most especially the unique origin of the design.

    {OK I really like the colours, maybe because I am an OLDER person *TeeHee*}

  4. I love it Sheryl . It's beautiful.

  5. So nice and creative embroidery, I like so much Sheryl!!

  6. What a gorgeous project!! Your grandad was very creative....and so are you!! Love it!!

  7. Wonderful idea and beautiful finishing :))

  8. Wow! I absolutely love this design! And the colours are so well matched up!

  9. Oh Sheryl, this is just gorgeous. What a lovely gift this is. You were doing a great finishing job.

  10. Such a cool idea! Love the embroidery so much. So creative!

  11. You are so very creative Sheryl.
    This is another one of a kind piece.
    Lovely idea. I hope the recipient will treasure it always.

  12. What a sweet journal cover! It is lovely.


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