Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April´s TUSAL

Another New Moon, so here is my ORT jar with this month´s offerings.  Doesn´t seem as though there are many new colours although I have really done quite a lot of sewing.  Perhaps it has something to do with the numerous threads that I find on the floor and WHY are they on the floor when I have a jar?  I bet you don´t all find threads, do you?

The majority of my ORT´s are from my `small´ for the Small´s SAL which I shall post about later today or tomorrow.  Here is a sneak peek.
For more about the TUSAL group, just click on the sidebar image which will take you to Daffycat where all the information is.  Thanks for passing by.


  1. I don´t know why the threads are on the floor!...LOL...

  2. I am generally covered in thread. It'll be on the floor, on the chairs, sofa, my clothes, in my bed...


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