Sunday, 30 March 2014

March ORT Report

Gosh, well, I´ve been aroused out of my Sunday afternoon stupor by catching sight of a blogger buddy´s Tusal jar post of today and realizing that I haven´t checked-in yet.  Really I hadn´t forgotten and had even prepared a photo of my ORT jar last Friday, but today I haven´t thought at all about blogging and spent a very industrious morning working amongst the flower pots, being as it was a beautiful sunny Spring morning.
It was time to attend the attention starved vegetation, sorely in need of clipping, cutting, repotting, watering and feeding.  Some identity tags on my odd robbed cuttings have gone south with the wind and that means that we might,  - just might, like last year while weeding, mistakenly discard a prized cutting and spend weeks diligently fertilizing and pampering a common weed before realising our error.
Here is my ORT jar.

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  1. I think all of us can identify with the "mistaken weed or flower syndrome." I know I certainly can!

  2. I'm picturing those weeds being pampered... not a bad life for a weed LOL

  3. What a beautiful ORT jar photo! You're so creative! I better take my pic now, before I forget!

  4. it sounds like you need rocks painted with the plant name. It's easy in my garden. If it's growing, it's a weed. If it's a dandelion, feed it to the buns, everything else comes out!

  5. We can't get into the backyard as yet as we still have snow. It's a beautiful sunny day though and it's slowly melting :)


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