Sunday, 2 March 2014

March´s Tusal

This is my Tusal jar for this month, mainly mixed coloured threads from the little flower girl design that I embroidered for the Smalls SAL and can be seen on one of my posts earlier this week.
To find out more about this Tusal group, click on the Totally Useless Sal image on my sidebar.

Today I have managed to get some sewing done after a week of computer issues and.... by the way did anyone mention sun, sunshine, warmth or Spring in one of their last posts? Surely it wasn´t me? could it have been me? gosh I think it was.  Perhaps I shouldn´t have made any allusions to the weather at all, because as soon as I clicked on the publish post button, it was as though I had clicked on the rain/cloud button and we´re back to gale force winds and heavy rain.  Hope you are all having better weather than us here in the North of Spain.  See you later.


  1. wow so many lovely buttons ... !!
    best wishes

  2. con la cantidad de bonitos botones que posees, podrias hacer un gran vestuario de ropa para las famosas que lo lucen bien y dan buena propaganda. un abrazo


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