Wednesday, 10 July 2019

The Fully-Finished Gallery SAL - July

Hello Blogging friends,

Just a couple of items to show this month for the Fully Finished Gallery SAL check-in today hosted by Rachel of Ten Hour Stitcher.

As many other stitchers, I embroidered or started to embroider the Snowflower diaries Joyful World Calendar collection some time ago, but still to date haven´t finished all the different months.

However, I will get around to it eventually and in the meantime I used two of the patterns to make project bags. March and April.

I desperately wanted a red zip to sew the March design but it was a Sunday with local shops closed, so I had to use what I had on hand.

Maybe the beige zip doesn´t look too bad, but a red one would have been better.
The plastic was easier to sew than I had thought, no problems at all, just had to remember not to iron it.

The April pattern was finished in the same way and I made it the same size.

These bags are going to be useful to store the various stitcheries that I seem to have knocking about in different stages of completion.

Well now to see what you have all completely finished this month.
Thank you for looking, until next week.


  1. Sheryl, your March and April project bags are darling and so handy to have. The fabric for your April is perfect, such a sweet finish!!

  2. They will be very useful indeed!

  3. Terrific finishes! These are a great idea. These are on my stitching to do list but I didn't know what I would do with them when done.

  4. Two great finishes Sheryl and useful too. xx

  5. Your bags are wonderful, Sheryl.
    Enjoy the day.

  6. Fab little bags, what a lovely way to show off your stitching .
    Enjoy your day .

  7. I stitched this as a total long yearly calendar and it is lovely!AriadnefromGreece!

  8. These are perfect! Nice finishes!

  9. Lovely finishes, Sheryl!
    I like the way you made zip pulls using the fabric covered cotton reels.
    Barbara xx

  10. I think using these monthly finishes is a wonderful way to show them off plus have something useful. Your bags are both wonderful and I'm sure you'll be making more! I have "zipper phobia" and haven't attempted bag making. The last time I put a zipper in anything was way back when I was in high school and made dresses for my younger sisters :)

    Enjoy your day, Sheryl! ♥

  11. Your March and April bags are lovely, Sheryl. I love that you used plastic so one can see inside. Love those zippers...yes the beige one too. =) Your embroidery is as always.....exquisite!

  12. Lovely bags, love the stork. Maybe you still have the place to stitch a red chainstitch or add some very tiny "point de Boulogne" on a pearl cotton DMC 3? In any case it's a great work as always. XXX

  13. Very fine work, beautiful.

  14. Beautiful way to finish off the these cute SAL pieces. I have a bit of a fear of sewing with the plastic (I'm less afraid of a zipper!). I think March's looks great! It's a bit surprising that you didn't have any red in your stash already haha. :)

  15. A super idea and such a useful way to show off your lovely stitching too.

  16. Oh, great job! I love the April one with its matching orange zipper.
    I'm planning to stitch these patterns too, but have yet to decide how to finish them.

  17. What a clever finishing idea Sheryl! You did a great job on both of them, congrats!

  18. Lovely Sheryl so nice as gifts and for ourselves.
    best wishes

  19. I have seen the Snowflower diaries pattern being finished in different ways , yours are just fabulous.
    If I lived near you, I would just sit hours next to you, looking at how you finish your projects.

  20. Thank you for participating again! Your little project bags are wonderful, and with such perfectly matching fabric. Again, you've made something really practical; I hope they're already being put to good use. :)

  21. Sheryl, I really love your new project bags. The stitches are so pretty and the fabric choices perfect. I'm sure these bags will come in very handy. I love how you use your stitches in such a delightful way. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  22. Your bags look great and are a wonderful way to use your stitching.
    Maybe a fabric pen could colour the beige zip? Although the teeth would still be beige!

  23. Wow, they look fantastic! What a great way to finish them. I'm not finished with all the months either and I'm still not sure how to finish them.


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