Friday, 31 August 2018

Tote Bag

Hi everyone,

As I was glancing through a magazine last week I came upon a pretty tote bag which I thought I might make as I had very similar fabric in my stash and I liked it just as it was.  You can be sure that if I changed the colour or fabric then I probaby wouldn´t like the end result.

The picture from the magazine

I started out sewing the pocket, adding lace, ribbon trim, buttons and a small applique heart to the beige linen fabric.  The magazine didn´t mention lining the pocket but I did, with the same linen.

I also made the bag a shade smaller and lined it with a flowery fabric which in the end I had to buy because what I had chosen from my stash wasn´t large enough even with my change to the measurements.

A couple of ornaments to add some interest and inevitably get caught up on everything.

I like the end result and reckon I shall be making more of these.

By the way, if anyone remembers The Perfectly Pleasing Pincushion Parade linky party and would like Ida to continue this year, please let her know at mysismademe. blogspot.

Until next week.


  1. Wow. That is a great looking bag.

  2. Dear Sheryl, your bag looks perfect!

  3. Sheryl as always your new project is wonderful. I love all the extras you added. Beautiful job with the lining and the sewing in general. What a pretty way to tote things around. Love everything you do. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  4. Oh wow - you really did have similar fabrics in your stash! Such a beautiful bag. I must admit; I tend to try and buy fabrics that are similar to a pattern as I don't think I'll like it as much either x

  5. Sheryl, your tote bag is brimming with lusciousness! Gorgeous fabrics and the detail on the lace pocket is so pretty. Love the sweet trinkets. One always walks with a spring in their step when toting a pretty tote bag. =)

  6. Hi Sheryl,
    Wow, you sewed a great bag. I do not only like the color, but also the different fabrics, and I find the work with the tips and the heart very successful.
    A great job.
    Happy Weekend, Martina

  7. Wow, Sheryl, what a great bag! It’s beautiful, wonderful. Well done! I agree with lining the pocket too! I’m making a bag atm and thepattern didn’t suggest a lining, now I’m worried my keys will make a hole in the pocket.
    I love everything about it, and your gorgeous little additions!
    I was wondering whose pattern it was? I won’t make one, but I’m just wondering if my guess would be correct ..... is it a Mandy Shaw pattern? Looks her sort of style?
    Re PPPP - eeek, I’m soooo glad you mentioned Ida, I hadn’t realised it was that time! I’ve left her a comment as I would love to join in!
    Barbara xx

  8. You had a lot of similar fabrics in your stash! I like the little dangling embellishments but yes, they do like to get caught on everything! At least they will look beautiful doing so haha :) Your stripe-y handles look better than the originals!

    What is Labores? Is it a cross stitch booklet or all sorts of crafts?

  9. Hi Sheryl wow such a pretty bag,love it,well done my friend xx

  10. Pretty tote. Looks like a great handy size to use.

  11. Love your bag ,it is just wonderful .

    I wish my sewing machine loved me but we have fell out big time ha .

    Who knows one day we may become friends again .

  12. Wow, your bag looks great.
    Happy Weekend.

  13. Oh, very nice indeed! Beautiful and useful, as William Morris recommended!

  14. This bag is so sweet! I can see why you want to make more.

  15. Love your bag Sheryl - a great make. xx

  16. Wow! You made exactly the same including the lace and ornaments. Perfect and beautiful:)

  17. Your bag is just so lovely, Sheryl--there is something so refreshing about red and white fabrics, don't you think? I love all the little details (even the parts that may end up tangled up now and then :). I'm sure it will be very useful and I look forward to seeing this bag made up again (maybe in blue fabrics next time--ha ha!!).

    Happy September to you!

  18. I love the bag , what a coincidence to have almost same fabric in your stash.Your sewing skills are fantastic. I have known family members who could sew simple clothing but nothing like this.

  19. Your sewing skills are so impressive, I love this bag, the color combo is a favorite of mine and love how you added the lace trims and the sweet hanging heart. Always a joy to read your blog!

  20. Oh Sheryl, you did a fantastic job, it looks wonderful! I really wish I had the patience to sew, you make it look easy!

  21. That really is lovely! The lace and little heart on the side panel are so gorgeous.

  22. Oh my, Sheryl, this is such a sweet tote bag. And how wonderful that you had most of the fabrics and lace and ribbons for it at hand. It came out so great.


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