Friday, 24 July 2015

High Seas

Hello stitching buddies,   When I last saw my daughter, I was pleased to see that a pirate ship cushion cover that I had made many years ago, was still braving the high seas and had not sunk into obsoleteness.  It was made for one of my grandsons as he was rather keen on pirates and the suchlike at the time, so here are a couple of photos of the rather old and faded cover.

Here you can see my grandson braving the high seas with our dear unforgotten pet parrot Bobby.

His only shipmate was his sister who was on the lookout for land.

..... or so she said.

of course he had his own flag

 They never found any treasure,

This month I also received some delightful goodies in the post.  Two private thimble swaps with sewing buddies.  Irmeli in Finland, sent me a lovely thimble from her home town Turku, she included postcards, choco and a gorgeous lavender filled embroidered sachet.

The other swap was with Kaye from Australia, who sent two beautiful thimbles from Melbourne and Phillip Island.  She also included an assortment of pretty and useful souvenirs from her part of the world...., just look at that pretty handkerchief.

Very thoughtful and generous gifts, thank you very much Irmeli and Kaye.

 Thank you for passing by.  See you next week for the Smalls SAL  check-in.



  1. What a treasure that cushion cover is!

  2. Gorgeous cushion. It still looks new.

  3. Love that little pirate cushion :)

  4. Dear Sheryl,
    just too cute and with such wonderful detail. What a neat pillow cushion.

  5. Lovely pillow !!!!! And nice goodies....
    Have a great weekend !

  6. Love the pillow! What a great memory to have.

  7. What a great pillow - and such lovely swap gifts! Stitchers a such kind people, aren't they? So willing to share -

  8. Sheryl pillow is beautiful !!!
    Did you get beautiful gifts, thimbles are the most beautiful!

  9. Your cushion cover is very cute!! The details of the pirates and the ship is so sweet:)
    You got lovely gifts with the thimbles.

  10. Oh my goodness! The pirates are so precious!!!

  11. Lovely cushion and great exchanges! I have been to Turku Finland!AriadnefromGreece!

  12. It's no wonder that pirate pillow stayed in the family. It's fantastic, like all of your work. Your are so good with that applique!

  13. Your work never ceases to amaze me - that green parrot is so tiny and perfect! You really got some great additions to your thimble collection!

  14. Hello Sheryl! I really loved seeing the pirate cushion, so cleverly made! What lovely swap gifts you received too.... such pretty thimbles and gifts! :) x

  15. What a great cushion to have made, love the idea of him having his own flag too, its well worth still having on show! How old is Alberto now then?
    I have been thinking of a design for a Minions cushion for my grandson, the ones in the stores are all so much the same kind of thing lol

  16. What a beaut of a pillow, Sheryl!
    And such lovely gifts you've received!

  17. that cushions is brilliant, I can't believe how tiny some of those applique pieces are!

  18. Oh, the pirate pillow is so darling, Sheryl! Your work is so wonderfully detailed and precise--love the little earring in the pirate's ear and all the extra touches. What a fun gift you made :)

    Nice thimbles from Kaye and Irmeli, too...

  19. Great work, nice boat and lovely pirates. Love the fabric, all the details of the so cute figures. A l'abordage ! xxx

  20. This cushion for your grandson is just awesome, a very special gift.


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