Thursday, 15 December 2016

Smaller Curtain Valance

Hello blogger friends,
 just a week to go to Christmas and so much to do that I had forgotten to show these photos of some stitching completed a couple of months back.

I liked this unusual  design as soon as I saw it and although I´m not sure what the technique is called, it looked interesting and I had to join Martina´s SAL at Mein-allerlei-Hobby.

I knew I wanted to make a little bag as Martina had done but the only fabric which caught my eye and for me was just perfect, was part of my living room curtain valance which I made a few years back.

I really really tried to find another fabric from stash and in our local shop but nothing else would do but to chop a piece from the valance only needed a tiny piece....and I made the gathered frill less gathered, who is going to notice that?

I added a length of matching ribbon to the bag and lined it with beige silk and put a decoration on the end of the zip.

Another little thing that I made but didn´t show you, is this collapsible thread holder by Angie´s bits and pieces. A clever idea and very easy to follow tutorial here.

You just make a cyndrical shape following her instructions.  I added a bit of fancy braid at the top.

Give the thing a twist.

and there you have your collapsible thread holder, ideal to pop in your bag when sewing away from home.

Until next time.

Linking to Supermom no cape stitchery party.


  1. Some lovely work. I can't believe you cut up your curtains..

  2. Beautiful pouch, Sheryl! Lovely stitching! Also love your curtain fabric .... so pretty!
    Great tute! I have one of these thread catchers, in a draw ... never used it as I was afraid of damaging it .... but now I know how to make one, and could replace it if it were lost or damaged, I shall start using it! Thanks for showing us the tutorial!
    Hugs, Barbara xx

  3. What a lovely little purse Sheryl! I know that feeling when only 'that' piece of fabric will do and if if means cutting a little bit of frill from your curtains.... so be it!! It was put to excellent use!! Love the thread catcher too.... I think I might need to make one... thank you for the link! Christine x

  4. You make the loveliest things! Love both of your projects. Are they for you or gifts? Happy Holidays!

  5. The bag with Martina's SAL looks wonderful.
    Nice idea the thread holder.
    Merry Christmas, Manuela

  6. Hi Sheryl,wow this bag is amazing and yes i wouldve chopped my curtains as well,glad you did because it looks awesome and what a clever idea with the thread bag.

  7. OMGOSH!! I would have totally cut a piece of that curtain for this pouch!! It is so perfect with the lace piece. The fact that you could cut that valance speaks volumes about you! LOVE it.

  8. I love the idea of stealing from your curtains! Brilliant. It's a pretty bag and those thread catchers are great. xx

  9. That is so funny about the curtains, and I agree, it looks fantastic with the design! Great collapsible bowl as well, excellent idea instead of filling my pockets with ORTs.

  10. Is it fillet crochet? That's what it looks like...

  11. Oh i love your finish of my little Sal, it looks so great.
    Merry Christmas, Greetings Martina

  12. The fabric is perfect and the pouch is lovely. That thread holder is brilliant.

  13. Lovely, and useful, finishes.

  14. It looks beautyfull!
    Greetings 10eke

  15. How beautiful!
    What a darling collapsible thread holder. :-)

  16. Martina's SAL was very interesting and I have seen so many different ways of finishing that piece. Your little pouch looks gorgeous and I'm sure that no-one will ever notice that you cut the fabric piece from your curtains. You are right, it's the perfect fabric for the little pouch.
    That collapsible thread holder is such a nice gadget and very useful. Great job, Sheryl.

  17. Ha ha--I love the story of you snipping off some of your valance to make this lovely creation, Sheryl! It sounds like something I might have done, too :) It really turned out great and I love your thread holder, too. Have never seen one like that, but it is such fun!

    Have been enjoying your sweet Christmas mug mats that I won in your giveaway last year--thank you again, Sheryl :) And Merry Christmas to you!

  18. What a clever idea to cut up the curtains! Julie Andrews, eat your heart out LOL
    I also love the collapsible ORT jar.

  19. Oh, Sheryl...your sewing is just beautiful and so neat! Lovely to visit with you once has been quite awhile!
    Wishing you a blessed new is to another 365 days of blissful sewing and creating!
    With love to you!

  20. Thanks a lot for sharing the collapsible jar tuto, I was looking for an idea for a kind of bowl made with fabric for a travel set to play dices (for yatzee). Perfect for me! xxx


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