Thursday, 17 December 2015

Advent Calendar Blog Hop

Hello friends and visitors.  Welcome to Day 17 of the Advent Calendar Blog Hop hosted by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching.  Jo asks us to show some Christmas stitching and to describe our Christmas Eve.
I have stitched quite a few gifts this Xmas and started with this skinny legged Father Christmas which I made into a bell pull.

I found the design on the Internet here and then made a few placemats.

and then with crochet hook in hand, added an edging to these Christmas mug rugs or maybe champagne rugs!

and then made a few red tea candle holders which I will show in more detail next week.

My Christmas Eve, here in Spain, is spent mainly in the kitchen because the 24th December is when families gather for a long and large evening meal instead of that of Christmas Day.

I usually prepare a typical English meal of roast turkey and all the trimmings but also have to include the traditional Spanish (DH) fare of a delicious seafood soup which is coveted by all and sundry but which takes forever to make and then roast lamb.  This year I have got clever and shall order the Spanish menu from a local restaurant and so halve my work load and be able to greet and enjoy my family when they arrive instead of being banished to the kitchen amongst the pots and pans.

On arrival the grandkids lose all appetite when they see that Santa Claus has once again remembered that nana is English and therefore has left gifts under the Xmas tree and so they don´t have to wait  until Kings day on the 6th Jaunuary when the three kings deliver gifts to the Spanish.
At nine o´clock we listen to the King of Spain´s Christmas message and then dine.

After our supper the gifts are opened and all chaos let loose for the rest of evening while adults chat and watch television.

I do hope you are all enjoying this Advent hop and wherever you live, will spend a very enjoyable Christmas Eve.  I will leave you with a typical Spanish Christmas carol.

Until next week.


  1. Gosh, you have been busy! What a darling Santa! Lovely placemats, and I love that crochet edging! It's really interesting to hear how you spend your Christmas in Spain - I never knew that before! Glad you have found a shortcut in your cooking! Best wishes, Barbara xx

  2. Beautiful creations !!!! As always...
    Have a delicious day :)

  3. Beautiful work, those placemats are gorgeous.
    I enjoyed reading about Christmas Spanish style

  4. What beautiful gifts! I love the crocheted edging on the coasters.
    Must be fun for everyone to celebrate with multiple traditions. Good idea to order in for some and lighten your load.

  5. I have enjoyed reading the Christmas traditions, Spanish style. I can't imagine children waiting until January 6th to open their presents. It is a good their grandmother is English. More lovely stitching, Sheryl. Your skinny Santa is a jolly fellow. My, your Christmas preparations sound exhausting, but well worth it when all your family is together and celebrating.

  6. Sounds like you have combined the English and Spanish traditions very well Sheryl! Love your beautiful Christmas sewing projects! Hope you have a most wonderful Christmas with your family! Christine x

  7. I really enjoyed reading about the Spanish traditions Sheryl! It sounds to me like you are enjoying the best of both worlds, especially with your brilliant idea to order the Spanish food from a restaurant!
    Your Christmas stitching is beautiful, those mug rugs are simply gorgeous with the crochet edging.
    Merry Christmas!

  8. Your stitching is beautiful !! And so are those elegant placemats, mugrugs and candle holders...just gorgeous!!:)
    I enjoyed reading about your traditions and good that you deducted your kitchen time to enjoy more celebration time.
    What is the importance of red and green color in Christmas? mostly these are the two prominent colors..and white too.

  9. Such lovely stitching and crocheting.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your Christmas Eve.
    Happy Christmas.

  10. Thanks for taking part in the Advent Calendar Blog Hop this year. I love your skinny Santa, I guess that's how he fits down the chimmneys!
    I do like the way you have joined the best of English and Spanish traditions together to make an international Christmas too.

  11. Your Christmas projects are all gorgeous, and in just the Christmas colours I prefer! I did enjoy reading about your Christmas preparations. I hope your Christmas is a very happy one.

  12. Enjoyed reading your lovely post. Beautiful Santa stitching, those placemats and crochet pieces will surely make your home festive, you're so creative. Have a blessed Christmas:)

  13. Beautiful Christmas makes Sheryl!
    Have a wonderful Christmas

  14. I enjoyed reading about your Christmas Eve traditions, Sheryl... It is always interesting in a family with multiple cultures. I love how you've incorporated some of the English and Spanish traditions--it sounds very special.

    Lovely placemats and bellpull. I really would like to learn to crochet to try that edging on some Christmas ornaments--it is so pretty!

    Wishing you a lovely Christmas with your family!

  15. I love the placemats. Do you actually use them? They are too lovely to be covered up!

  16. Hopping by on the Blog Hop. Love your Santa. The placemats and mug rugs are adorable!! Sounds like a fantastic tradition. Merry Christmas!

  17. Wonderful what you created for Christmas. Love the Santa bell pull and the trees on the placemats are just gorgeous.
    Oh my, so much cooking on Christmas Eve, sounds that you are always very busy. But ordering the menu from a restaurant seems to be the perfect solution.

  18. Such beautiful holiday projects. Merry Christmas!

  19. All of your Christmas hand work is quite lovely. Thank you for telling us about how you celebrate Christmas Eve in Spain. It is wonderful to learn about traditions in other countries. I think that is one of the best things about the web!

  20. Hi Sheryl,merry xmas and i found it very interesting in how you celebrate,its very different to just our one day of xmas xx

  21. Cute Santa, must be before eating all the cookies! Your sewing is lovely too. How nice that you merge your traditions, I know it's a lot of work.
    Happy New Year!


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