Tuesday, 10 June 2014

School Sale

Months ago, Carmen, an eleven year old student of mine who stays after class to learn a bit of needlework, asked me what she could make to sell at her school rummage sale to raise money for her four day end of term trip.  She was starting to learn to use my sewing machine and we decided on something easy and with straight seams.
She brought along some very pretty patterned fabric and I added a plain coloured one from my stash and we sorted out some scraps of trimming to add interest.

We decided to make a few easy pinkeeps.

She did the majority of the sewing and stuffing and I just helped sew up the seam openings made for the filling and stitched on the buttons.  As she was pleased with the result we went on to make more.

We made far more than shown here and when she got tired of sewing these colours we used another fabric featuring ducks which she found at home and I added a combining red.

Here is Carmen showing some of the pinkeeps Thirty were made in total and as the rummage sale was last Friday, I can report that they were all snapped up practically before the sale started.

A few weeks ago I was pleased to be nominated again for the Liebster award and am very grateful to Anitha at A little love everyday for thinking that my blog  be worthy of a mention.  I understand that I must mention 11 personal facts + answer 11 questions and form another 11 questions to other bloggers.

My 11 personal facts are:  I love animals - reading - gardening - genealogy - tennis - formula one - watching Olympic games - Indian curries - Italian food - collecting thimbles - hate cooking.

My replies to Anitha´s questions:
My favourite food is curry - sewing with my buddies makes me happy - a skill to learn would be lace making - The Heart of London by Monica Dickens is a favourite book- Fried Green Tomatoes a favourite film and any song by Queen my preferred - most people don´t know that I´m a Formula One fan - anything about my homeland England makes me nostalgic - being allergic to cats makes me favour dogs and I don´t know what is the craziest thing I have ever done nor do I remember the strangest thing I believed in as a child.
I am nominating two blogs:
Miss Lilly at Back on the wall
My questions for these ladies are:

1.  What age would you like to stay at or go back to?
2. Which season of the year do you prefer?
3. Are you an early morning or night person?
4.  What is your earliest memory?
5. Would you consider carrying a doner card?
6. What do you collect?
7.  What was your favourite school subject?
8. Would you like to live in a different area?
9.  Which other language would you like to speak?
10. Do you think eleven questions too many?
11. Would you like to have had a different first name, which?

Thank you for having had the patience to read this far.  My thanks again to Anitha  See you next week.


  1. Hi Sheryl! I've just discovered your lovely blog and have become a follower. I enjoyed browsing through your previous posts--you are very talented! How wonderful that you are teaching Carmen how to sew and do needlework--her pincushions turned out wonderfully. I'm not at all surprised they were snapped up so quickly :)

  2. I love that you are passing on the love of handmade to the next generation, Sheryl :) Carmen's project turned out beautifully!

    Congrats on your latest acknowledgement as a blogger... well deserved :)

  3. How pretty and creative! She definitely shows her love of the craft with those fine pincushions :) I know that I would definitely have wanted one!

  4. Congrats on your Liebster! I think it is great that you are sharing your love of needle work with Carmen. She did a lovely job of making her pincushions and I'm not surprised that they were snapped up in no time flat!

  5. Oh Sheryl, this is wonderful. This girl seems to have discovered her love for needlework with your help. The pincushions she created are so beautiful and it's no wonder that she could sell them all so quickly.

  6. I just came across your blog, and I must say, I am a FORMULA ONE fan also--PLUS a stitcher! Hooray! We can form a club! I know that Lewis Hamilton is a fave in your neck of the woods, but my son and I have grown to like 1) ANYone that beats Vettel and 2) Rosberg cause he hasn't won many before (otherwise known as an Underdog)... This past race made us sad for Rosberg, and Raikkonen (another fave, from being on Lotus with Grosjean!!) Anyway, love those pincushions, and congrats for sharing the craft with a young student! Hugs!


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