Friday, 21 February 2014

Who´s a lucky girl then?

MEeeeee.   it´s not everyday that you win not one but TWO giveaways!!  The last time I won a raffle, competition or such was about thirty years ago. From Debbie at Debbie´s Cross Stitch I have won a $20 gift certificate and  from Monique at A Half- Baked Notion, sets of her beautiful earrings.  Two generous bloggers who took part in the Grow Your Blog Hop.

Due to too much computer activity this week, I have hardly had time to thread a needle, but advanced a little on `A Good Marriage´ by Lizzie Kate.

and have incremented my number of mini hexies, thanks to a visit to the doctor.  Amazing how many hexies one can sew up while in the waiting room.

I´m not sure just what I´m going to make with these.  I´m attempting to reduce my embarrassingly large bag of scraps which, high on a wardrobe shelf, wobbles, heaves, erupts and spews its contents earthbound showering the innocent victim who so unwisely adventures to open the wardrobe door.

This week I fell to the temptation of entering our local patchwork shop, really just to say `hello´ to the you understand... and bought this pretty fabric called Quilting Bee by Fabri-Quilts. Thought I might recover one of my sewing baskets.

and that same day I popped into our local sewing shop.  The lady is retiring in April and the DMC threads are reduced to 1 euro.  We only have DMC and Anchor threads  here so I have decided to stock up a bit.  Of course if at that moment I had bought a dozen or so silks, you can bet your life that I would have found the same colours in my stash, so I just came home with 5 shades to start with.

........the Super Duper lady gave me her old DMC colour chart which is SO useful.  I am very grateful.  Now I just have to mark off all the colours I have and note the ones I want to buy before she closes.

Thank you for visiting. See you next week.


  1. Lucky you, congrats! Of course you had to go into both shops just to be helpful and sociable. I understand!

  2. I sent you an email, Sheryl :) What a handy chart you received! It's a shame that shop is closing, but you may as well stock up while you can.

  3. I love all the little hexies. A wonderful idea for using up some leftover pieces of fabric. And hexies can be made everywhere.
    Funny new quilting fabric with so many details to look at.

  4. I have the same problem with floss - I'll buy a few skeins because I love the colours (especially variegated threads) and when I get home I realize I've already got two or three of the same colour. I think that means I like that colour! You are so fortunate to have received the colour chart - they come in so helpful! And I love your little hexies!

  5. The fabric you bought looks perfect for a sewing basket! How very nice that you got the DMC color card! Those are hard to find and I'm lucky to have one too. I used it to find DMC colors for old floss I bought on eBay, lots of different brands.


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