Friday, 17 January 2014

Getting Going

After my beginning of the year slump of two weeks, I´m gradually starting to move, and have joined the 2014 Smalls SAL which  has it´s next check in on the 29th January, a little over a week away so I am obliged to buck up.  I hate this dismal time of year. All is fine with the run down to Christmas but in the new year everything seems sad and dark, with short days, bad weather and Spring an age away.  To add to these joys, we have a flu epidemic here at the moment with over 1000 new cases every week.  The hospitals and health centres are saturated and we are advised not to go to ER unless we are a high risk patient. 
On a happier note, I have been making a bit of progress this week on `The Good Marriage´  by Lizzie Kate which I began last week and I have also opened that dreaded  `drawer´  which contains all my half finished needlework and have taken out to look at... just to look at... a quilt which I started about four years ago.  Can´t understand why I almost finish things and then jump to another project.  Anyway, this quilt was inspired by Leanne Beasley´s `The Journey of a Quilter´  and includes various blocks of hers, others are mine.
There are patchwork blocks.

Applique blocks

Embroidery designs by Bronwyn Hayes.

And crazy quilt stitches

Well, I´m going to try and get this quilt finished bit by bit,  nearly all the actual blocks are done but a lot of small stitching details need completing.  I even bought the surrounding border fabric years ago, so I really have no excuse not to finish this quilt.
Grow your Blog Party

Just a reminder that next week on Saturday 25th January the Blog Hop begins.  It is sponsored by Vicki at and sounds like a good way to discover new blogs, meet new bloggers and increase your followers.  A lot of participants will also hold a giveaway (me included)  so do visit Vicki if you would like more information.   See you next week.

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